Learn why everything you thought you knew about weight loss is wrong... and what you can do about it.
How to Re-Set Your Weight... and Your Life!
After an 18 month hiatus, we will be offering Dr. Pete's unique and highly acclaimed 10-Week Weight Loss for Life Course again this summer. The Course begins June 11 and ends August 6. To learn more about this unique course so you can make an informed decision before you commit, please read the attached Ebook in it's entirety. This course is designed for those who are truly ready to make changes in their lives. The course will be limited to only 22 participants and has historically filled up quickly. In the Ebook you will learn the background of how and why this course was developed and how it is like no other weight loss program.   
You will also find Instructions for payment and registration are at the end of the book.
Beyond significant weight loss and energy, I lost 7 prescription medications and ridded of many self-limiting beliefs. But the most significant of all, was recognizing and understanding my fear of how good I could actually become.
I got the tools that were needed to get me to where I wanted to go. Yes, I lost the weight, but I gained something greater: the tools I needed to redefine my life.
"Health benefits, spiritual benefits, relationship benefits, and now the positive effect I get to have on the people in my sphere of influence- were all gained from this course."
I wasn't happy, satisfied, or healthy. I decided I needed a change, and that was going to be a lifestyle change. When I met Dr. Pete and sat in on the first meeting, I realized this was an opportunity to change my entire life.
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